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After Service with Steve: Steve Steinfeld launches new YouTube series and podcast

In partnership with Stella Artois, the new culinary series and podcast delves deep into the personalities, backgrounds, and inspirations that drives SA’s top chefs

After Service with Steve, a new, three-part, online video series and podcast hosted by renowned food journalist, Steve Steinfeld (popularly known as The Joburg Foodie) is set to serve up an insider’s look at South Africa’s restaurant industry when it launches on YouTube on August 24.

In partnership with Stella Artois, each episode of After Service with Steve will offer a rare glimpse into the personal stories, inspirations, challenges, and aspirations of the country’s top chefs.

With its focus on the personal journeys of South Africa's best chefs, After Service with Steve promises to be a must-watch for foodies, culinary enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the vibrant South African restaurant scene.

The first three episodes of After Service with Steve will be available on 24 August 2023 and feature interviews with Chef David Higgs - one of South Africa’s most internationally-acclaimed chefs - rising star Chef Moses Moloi and Chef Amori Burger, the chef behind the Cape Town’s uber-trendy Upper Union restaurant.

Don't miss this exciting new podcast series. Subscribe today on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Follow Steve on Instagram @stevesteinfeld for updates and behind-the-scenes insights.

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