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Flaky, Smoky, and Absolutely Irresistible: Introducing Coco Safar's Rosebank Savoury Croissant!

Coco Safar, renowned for its culinary innovation, unveils its latest masterpiece that pays homage to the world-famous Montreal pastrami smoked meat sandwich. Drawing inspiration from iconic Jewish delis like Schwartz and Dunn's, Coco Safar introduces the eagerly awaited Rosebank Savoury Croissant, a true testament to the cult-like following and rich history of this beloved sandwich.

Embedded within each layer of the Rosebank Croissant lies an irresistible symphony of flavours. The slow-smoked, full-flavoured lamb pastrami, prepared with a generous amount of love and care, takes centre stage, offering a melt-in-your-mouth experience like no other. A delightful harmony of mustard and garlic aioli adds a zesty kick, perfectly complementing the rich smokiness of the pastrami. And let's not forget the quintessential touch—a medley of pickles, providing a refreshing and tangy crunch.

The pastrami sandwich has long captivated hearts and taste buds, making appearances in popular culture, including movies and TV shows, and garnering a devoted following. Coco Safar, with its finger on the pulse of food trends, continues to push the boundaries of culinary reinvention, consistently delivering unique and exciting experiences to its patrons.

The Rosebank Croissant, exclusively available at Coco Safar's Rosebank, marks an exciting addition to their impressive menu. From 12 pm daily, food enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the magic of Coco Safar's culinary expertise and indulge in the Rosebank Savoury Croissants remarkable flavours.

As Coco Safar continues to stay ahead of the curve, the Rosebank Savoury Croissant showcases their commitment to reinventing classic favourites while honouring their historical roots. Don't miss the opportunity to embark on a culinary journey that combines tradition and innovation.

For more on Coco Safar visit the website: or socials via Facebook & Instagram #CocoSafar #JourneyBeyondOrdinary

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