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If ever you’ve had the privilegde of meeting Actor, TV Host, Radio Presenter and Entrepreneur, Kyle Clark, you’ll know how captivating his energy is, with his vivacious smile and his brilliant business mind.

He is the perfect mix of entertainment, business and an all-round diverse media package, known for his captivating on-screen presence, best described as “authentic”.

Kyle Clark is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry for having shot to stardom is such a short period of time, but more so, for his impactful influence that he has on the people he meets and the talents he works with. Boasting a resume that is not only inspiring, but also diverse, Kyle is the proud owner of 2 different companies and managed to jump into each managerial role with ease. 2021 was a big year for the talented star, who successfully launched an exciting and important podcast series that brought everyone to their feet. The conversation and attitude towards mental health has shifted significantly in the last few years, no longer being seen as a ‘taboo’ subject, and thanks to his podcast series “Switch On”, more people are proudly joining the conversation openly.

Kyle Clark is paving the way forward by normalising the topic and allowing the South African public to speak their truth, and find comfort in addressing the topic too mental health and wellness.

He has so cleverly described his podcast as a “love letter to the new generation”.

He is providing a way forward for those in need by speaking up and using his own voice as an act of direction, and offering the guidance we never knew we needed”. His podcast, which includes esteemed seasoned guests offers insightful content which keeps the listener entertained, but also informed, educated and motivated. Congrats on Season 2 of Switch On - what does it mean to you as an advocator of mental health awareness to have your podcast renewed for another season? Some like to tell me that I am lucky, but I believe that my years of preparation and God’s timing had to meet someday and I believe I am ready now more than ever. I am extremely grateful, I feel that its my responsibility now. Especially since it was so well received, it feels like I have a voice and I can finally use that to be of service to others. As an Actor and TV Personality, what do you love most about your job? I love the different experiences that my job throws me into, one moment I am on the Toyota Fortuner challenge running around with pro athletes in a national geographic setting with Supersport and then the next I am in a luxury villa in Camps Bay presenting a link for a great show. It’s the experiences it throws me into that honestly is the cherry on top.

You’re known for your dynamic brand that’s both interesting and unique. How do you manage to balance so many different facets of life? I am currently reading Will Smith’s new book called ‘Will’ and he says something in there that resonates so much to this question. Its not about looking at the wall fully built, its about laying each brick cautiously and with intention, there is always another brick to lay. This goes hand in hand with my work, there is always another brick to lay. I don’t focus on the amount of work I have, I just focus on the next move. What is it about the entertainment industry that gets you inspired and motivated on a daily basis? Africa inspires me and gets me motivated, where we as a continent are taking entertainment gets me so riled up. It’s the fresh faces, it’s the new ideas, it’s the different styles of content, it’s the connection through digital.

You possess have a keen interest in travel - what is your top travel trip for local South Africans? Travel often, memories can be bought. Life is short, allow life to teach you the lessons and travel to be the book. Why is supporting the local travel industry important and how can we encourage more tourism in our country? I believe its our responsibility to really promote tourism in our country, its up to us that get these opportunities to really show the rest of South Africa. We have to give back to our country, its blessed us with the kindness version of humanity and incredible views.

What are you most passionate about in life? How can I help the next person, how can I open the industry up for the next generation. I am passionate about the generations to come and what I can do to build the stepping stones for their takeover. Kyle Clark exudes passion, purpose and professionalism. An exciting businessman and personality to watch with an exciting future ahead of him! Follow his journey:

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