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Introducing the new members of the HELLO, GOOD STUFF! Family – expanding the realm of beauty.

essence cosmetics has proudly simplified the world of "clean beauty" with their Hello, Good Stuff! range. But that's not all – prepare for the range to grow even further with their proud new additions, because clean beauty = fun!

As a leading beauty brand, essence have bid farewell to microplastics, parabens, PEGs (Polyethylene glycols), and mineral oil, and instead embracing only the Good Stuff! Say goodbye to chemical ingredients that irritate the skin, disrupt hormone function, or harbor bacteria. No more puzzling over questionable components in your cosmetics, or harmful and non-biodegradable substances - it's time to only embrace the GOOD stuff, and enjoy beautiful, health, fresh looking skin.

As advocates of cruelty-free beauty, essence's Hello, Good Stuff! range revolves around natural ingredients that are both safe for beauty enthusiasts and the environment. The newest additions to the lineup contain a minimum of 90% natural ingredients, are vegan-certified, and devoid of additional toxic components.

Good for the planet, your skin, and you!

Clean beauty is not just a passing trend or having that trademark stamp of approval; it is a crucial movement with significant implications for our planet - one of which essence proudly stands behind. The importance of clean beauty lies in its commitment to using natural, non-toxic ingredients that are not only beneficial for our skin but also have a positive impact on the environment. By opting for clean beauty products, we as users as well as the brand, can reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritations, disrupt hormone balance, and potentially harm our overall well-being.

Furthermore, with a focus on clean, natural ingredients, the clean beauty range helps to reduce the environmental footprint of the beauty industry. By embracing clean beauty practices, we can make a collective effort towards a healthier planet, preserving its beauty for future generations to come.


HELLO, GOOD STUFF! is the ideal companion for every beauty queen who craves a stunning, effortless, and natural look that works wonders. Lets take a look at the products making up the extended family...


Contains AHA for a gentle exfoliating effect as well as kiwi water and nourishing panthenol. The formula is made from 97% natural ingredients and makes the skin feel ultra-soft.


Has an impressive visible pore-refining effect for soft and supple skin. The formula with pomegranate and niacinamide has a nourishing effect and is made from 95% natural ingredients. In addition, the texture is absorbed quickly and feels weightless on the skin.


Skin care boost and moisture kick.

Take daily skin care to the next level with fantastic ingredients like blueberry extract. The face serum contains hyaluronic acid and squalane to moisturize and plump up the skin - for a complexion that looks young, pampered and radiant.

FACE SERUM = R119,95

A radiant complexion is guaranteed with this Face Serum!

The silicone-free formula with pineapple extract consists of 97% natural ingredients and provides intensive moisture, leaving behind a beautiful glow and a delicate pineapple fragrance.


Enriched with watermelon water and niacinamide, and is made of 93% natural ingredients. The light gel texture absorbs into the skin quickly and gives it an instant boost of freshness and moisture. The serum ensures extra soft skin - the perfect base for make-up or simply as part of your skincare routine. Vegan Acetone Free. Alcohol free Clean Beauty.


Let your complexion glow!

Its gel-like texture is enriched with blackberry extract and hyaluronic acid

to nourish and hydrate the skin. It forms a film on the skin after drying and is then easy to peel off. The result: visibly refined pores, smoother-looking skin and a healthy, fresh glow. Contains 90 percent natural ingredients and is dermatologically tested.

FACE OIL = R119,95

Skin care with a glow guarantee.

Intensively moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates the skin thanks to the rosehip oil ingredient. With its two percent squalane content skin feel soft and smooth. The multifunctional oil is ideal as part of the skin care routine for all skin types or as a primer.


Extra care for the eye area times 30 - no problem thanks to the HYDRO GEL eye patches. The 30 pairs of eye patches contain hyaluronic acid and provide moisture for up to 24 hours. Dermatologically tested on all skin types.

Refresh & care the skin for a brighter and fresher look.


Skin impurities don't stand a chance! The anti-spot gel quickly dries out blemishes, has a cooling effect, soothes the skin and alleviates redness. Skin impurities are reduced and the complexion looks clearer. And it gets even better: the 96% natural ingredients.


Contains 95% natural ingredients and is enriched with aloe vera water hyaluronic acid. It provides intensive moisture for up to 48 hours and can be worn on its own or under makeup. All in all, the gel serum leaves the skin feeling refreshed and refined.


A make-up fixing spray that revitalizes and hydrates at the same time. It is enriched with coconut water and provides the skin with moisture for up to 48h. The spray can be used several times a day - for a boost of freshness on the go. With 97% natural ingredients and dermatologically tested.

HELLO, GOOD STUFF! – good for nature, for your skin and for you!

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