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MAVALA introduces their Tandem collection for Autumn 2023

This Autumn, MAVALA is introducing romantic nail colours to cycle through the change of seasons.

As temperatures drop and we swap our flowy dresses for winter woollies, it’s also time for a little beauty edit. Makeup trends around the world echo the shades we see in nature during Autumn: browns, mustards, brick reds and oranges dominate makeup palettes, and it’s no surprise that they also make up a large portion of this season’s nail trends.

MAVALA is known for staying on top of global beauty trends and this season is no different: Say hello to the Tandem collection, a range of nail colours perfect for the colder months.

Made up of six earthy shades, the collection is inspired by some of the world’s best locations for an autumnal cycle ride. Inspired by the beautiful fall time colours that whizz by whilst enjoying a romantic tandem ride for two, the collection includes: Perth, Strasbourg, Malmö, Portland, Sevilla and Antwerpen.

Perth: A golden and sunny tone that adds a touch of glamour to a trendy modernity. A call to explore the city enjoying the sunniest days in Australia.

Strasbourg: A stark mustard shade that is essential for autumn. Perfect for racing down the autumn leafed cycle paths through the capital of Alsace.

Malmö: Celebrating naturalness and purity, this meditative teal shade is inspired by the Ribersbog cycle path along the blue watered beaches.

Portland: A touch of timeless tenderness, the American city of Portland is best explored on two wheels… a new facet of the American dream.

Sevilla: Comforting and organic, an ode to the warm earth! Pedal at your own pace through the historic area of Santa Cruz.

Antwerpen: Thousands of bicycles cross and intersect in the heart of the world’s diamond capital! A polish inspired by Antwerp’s Flemish Renaissance architecture.

MAVALA is known for creating nail products that help strengthen and improve nail health. The Tandem collection’s formula includes the ingredient Silica to help strengthen nails, prevent brittleness and protect against infections. It also provides extra care for overall nail health.

Mavala nail polishes are toxic-free, cruelty-free, worry-free and allow nails to breathe naturally, allowing you to wear nail polish all the time, without the fear of damaging your nails.

The MAVALA Tandem collection launches in June 2023 and will be available from Dis-Chem stores and online at at R119.00 per colour.

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