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In a country known for its creative demeanour and producing such high-standard talent, Taryn Treisman is testament to such, known by many as a South African artist who is both guided by creativity and spontaneity, bringing colour to life with her pop art brand, Custom Pop.

Treisman, 38, born in Johannesburg, has a strong love for custom art runs deeper with time as she curates pieces that are uniquely one of a kind, showcasing fashion, cartoons, childlike elements and more!

Taryn Treisman has embraced the digital era, with a modern colourful pop swirl and graffiti or urban art style. She does not conform to straight lines, and believes in organized chaos. She believes we are living in the digital revolution and her artwork is a sign of the times.


"My paintings are representative of the world I see around me. I am inspired by pop culture and things that I find interesting. My love of colour and playful elements is what really makes my artwork stand out. Often words and quotes are hidden within the artworks and the word love is found in all pieces. I have always been inspired by Pop Art - Roy Lichtenstein and Takashi Murakami are my two favourite artists. My love of street art took place when I visited the John Lennon peace wall in Prague when I was 16, ever since then I have had a strong connection and love towards urban graffiti. My artworks are statement pieces that are a reflection of a celebration of life.”


The Pretoria Post sat down with Taryn, to find out more about her passion for colour and all things “Custom Pop.”

When was the Custom Pop brand established?

I proudly started the Custom Pop brand 4 years ago.

Bold and Bright – you believe that when people walk into a room it should have a positive and happy feeling – where did the brand concept come from and how was it developed?

I have always had a passion for art but decided to become a full time artist 4 years ago. I am a very sentimental person and have kept every letter and card from every friend since I was 9 years old. Making things personal and customised Is very important to me and makes the gift more special and unique. I love to work with the art buyer and we customise the artwork together adding sentimental dates, special names, favourite foods, photos or images together. I have even created a piece as part of someone’s wedding proposal!

You draw inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein and Takashi Murakami, why do these individuals play an important role in your creative energy?

When I studied art Roy Lichtenstein’s art definitely stood out for me, I loved the comic look and feel and I loved the use of wording and messages within the pieces. My first job took place at the Art Institute of Chicago and every day I would walk past his masterpieces and just fell in love with the clean bold colours. Takashi Murakami, reminds me of my childhood, my father had business in the East so we would travel a lot to the East and I fell in love with cute Kawaai style. I also find him fascinating as an artist and very cool and interesting person. I love meeting other artists and believe it’s important to meet the artist behind the art you love which is also why I enjoy art events and exhibitions.

What training did you have?

I have always done art, since the age of 4 years old. From decoupage, to mosaic, to calligraphy, airbrushing, acrylic painting, to charcoal - anything creative. I studied two art subjects for matric. I then wanted to go to Miami Art School to study art but my father said, “Why do you want to be an artist? They only make money when they are dead,“ so I decided to study marketing communication and graphic design but still continued to take private art classes with artists whom I loved, such as Judith Joseph. I would use my art to give back and raise funds for various charities but I would not sell any artwork privately. Only when I decided to actually become a full time artist did I start to sell my artworks.

Your artwork consists of hidden words and objects that the viewer needs to find, what was the creative thought process behind this?

I believe in life one needs to find the beauty in every person and every situation even if the situation is difficult. There is always a hidden reason or meaning behind it. My quote is “This too is good”.

Your work is a clever combination of childlike elements, along with cartoons, fashion and colourful messages – what in your opinion makes this unique?

I believe my scribble, edgy style makes me identifiable, however, I do believe I have a lot more to learn and improve on, and I am still working on my uniqueness and style. So watch this space.

Guided by creativity and spontaneity, what can people expect from your artwork going forward?

I am constantly improving and experimenting me, so you can definitely expect awesome fun pieces.

Talk us through your recent collaborations and art exhibitions?

I have collaborated with fashion brands or lifestyle brands such as Fairtex, wicked candles and lock and stone hats and bags. I love seeing my art on different objects and not only on the wall. I am currently in a few galleries in Israel. We will be having an exhibition in Tel Aviv soon. I am now also in Sandton City at the Neyborly store. You can also find my artwork at Tten Bazaar in Plettenberg bay as well as You and I Art gallery in Seapoint Cape Town.

Lastly, why should people invest in a Taryn Treisman Custom Pop art piece?

Every piece I paint or make is something I would love to buy for my home. I am constantly improving my artwork and it is getting international attention and as an emerging artist I believe I can do so much more and I am really excited and passionate about creating awesome new artworks.

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