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Gretha Garnett, a Biokineticist with over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, has added yet another title to her already impressive resume.

Having recently been crowned Mrs Africa Globe 2022, Gretha is set to partake in the global pageant taking place in Palm Springs, California, from 27th May until 5th June. With her sights set firmly on the title, mental health and wellness remains at the fore front of her campaign.

As the Director of Ace Models The Parks, Gretha also runs a biokinetic practice in Linden, Johannesburg. She and her husband are co-directors of The Practice - a health, wellness, and performance facility in Johannesburg.

Furthermore to that, she has upskilled herself in the digital marketing sphere with 3 diplomas and various certificates and that is when she decided to create Beans & Bubbles, a bespoke digital marketing company. She has discovered what the needs, potential, and possibilities are on social media and the global internet with a linked website and all your social media profiles - especially for healthcare practitioners.

On a more personal note, Gretha is described as “charismatic and compassionate”, and seen as a woman who possesses radiant inner and outer beauty.

At just 41 years old, she is a successful businesswoman as well as a philanthropist with a sincere love for others, determined to encourage change on both a social and individual level.

Having survived a childhood suicide attempt, she has since become a passionate advocate for the promotion of mental health and creating awareness around suicide prevention. As such, she personifies the values that define the Mrs. Globe brand, which not only recognizes external beauty but also aims to showcase true beauty that shines from within and to celebrate every woman in her unique femininity.

Gretha has such a passion for mental health awareness, and she feels it is her responsibility to teach and educate people about suicide. She believes that we should break the stigma around mental health and start seeing the warning signs in the people around us. She is in the process of taking her program into the schools as well as starting her very own podcast called, Be More. The aim of the podcast is to motivate and inspire people and show them that anything is possible

Gretha shares 10 fun facts that people may not know about her, about…

About her husband: My husband used to be a patient of mine before we started dating.

About her hobbies: I love scuba diving (even though I haven’t dived for years now).

About her education: I have dropped out of 2 degrees, it was only on my 3rd attempt that I managed to complete my undergraduate as well as my honours (BA Biokinetics Hons).

About her fears: I absolutely hate frogs, I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

About her passions: I have a love for speed – I have attended a few advanced driving courses.

About her interests: I have a huge love for motorbikes – I used to own my own superbike and I still have my dual-purpose motorbike (BMW GS 800).

About her goals: I would love to skydive one day.

About her home: We have 4 beautiful dogs and 2 bunnies (Suzie and Jarkal) – I love animals.

About her fashion-sense: I like dressing up for gym in my funky leggings, and yes, everything has to match – it gives me some sort of motivation/inspiration.

About her dreams: If I could choose one superpower, it would be to have the ability to fly – I always used to dream about flying.

Not, as some may say, ‘just a pretty face, a wife or mother’, she really does break stereotypes. She, who consider herself ‘a small-town girl from Polokwane’ is married to Alasdair and they are blessed to have a 4-year-old son, James. As a qualified biokineticist (holding a bachelor’s degree in Biokinetics from the North-West University in Potchefstroom), she has a true passion for helping people achieve their physical goals.

Follow her journey:

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