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Perk up and celebrate this International Coffee Day

For coffee lovers the 1st of October is an opportunity to indulge in their favourite everyday drink while celebrating International Coffee Day.

“International Coffee Day came about in 2014 to recognise the invaluable contributions to the coffee industry made by those who craft this beloved beverage,” explains Hayley van Niekerk marketing manager for Jacobs.

Thokozane Radebe, brand manager for Douwe Egberts, concurs and adds that these individuals – the farmers to the home baristas – are the ones that keep this industry going by creating jobs and opportunities for others to succeed in.

International Coffee Day

According to the International Coffee Organisation, a staggering three billion cups of coffee are made and enjoyed daily, but due to the versatility of coffee, this number could be higher as it can be used beyond traditional consumption, showcasing its remarkable adaptability.

Over the years, numerous options for different coffee blends continue to grow, catering to different preferences of the coffee connoisseur. Established brands such as Jacobs and Douwe Egberts provide various blends that can be enjoyed and even experimented with when it comes to cooking, art (coffee painting has been around for ages, giving paint an unusual texture), and entertainment.

Why not use this range of coffee versatility and celebrate International Coffee Day in one of the following ways?:

1. Host a coffee tasting party. Get together with your friends and family and use this as an opportunity to chat about everyone’s favourite cuppa. For those budding baristas, use this moment to wow everyone with your coffee knowledge. Those friends and family who are not close by can join online and won’t need to miss out on the fun. Jacobs and Douwe Egberts can offer various blends and variants for your guests to try. A new favourite could be on the horizon.

2. If you would like to add to your coffee tasting evening, why not host a coffee pairing evening. Everyone who attends should bring their favourite coffee accompanied with a dessert or chocolate with which it pairs well.

3. Try your hand at coffee art. If you have a milk frother at home, spend time trying to mimic your favourite designs and laugh at those ones you can’t manage?

Jacobs Coffee

4. Visiting a coffee plantation will definitely open your eyes to the beginnings of your favourite beverage. Learning about the coffee cultivation process as well as interacting with the farmers will give you a deeper understanding from where coffee comes.

5. If coffee is your passion, why not enrol in a barista workshop. Learn about different brewing methods, latte art, and coffee-making techniques. This hands-on experience can be both educational and fun.

6. Indulge in some coffee-inspired cooking. Anything from meat rubs, chocolate cakes or coffee infused desserts– there are plenty of recipes to choose from.

Douwew Egberts

7. Make a cup of coffee for someone in need. All it takes is a flask, one of Douwe Egberts instant coffee range or if you prefer Jacobs 3in1 and a few take away cups. While driving around, pour your favourite blend for those who would appreciate it the most.


Although coffee is a drink that doesn’t need a celebratory day to be enjoyed, use the opportunity to be creative with your favourite blend and together with your friends and family explore the different uses of coffee, or perhaps find a new blend to add to your list of coffee favourites.

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