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SELA’s Mixture range is now available in a larger 500ml bottle

Trust your roots, trust SELA to live better.

SELA is a proudly South African brand that uses the secrets passed on by elders from generation to generation to create herbal products that help boost health and relieve the symptoms of many illnesses.

The African Traditional Herbs used in SELA products are carefully selected for their powerful abilities, and packaged in convenient products for you to enjoy daily. SELA has a herbal solution for everyone, no matter what your health concern and their products have been tried and trusted for over seven years.

SELA Mixtures contain powerful African herbs to help protect, heal, cleanse and boost the body. Each SELA mixture contains an African herb that has been carefully selected for its healing properties, boosting well-being and relieving the symptoms of many illnesses.

Safe, effective and affordable, these Mixtures are easy to drink, so you can enjoy the health benefits without the fuss.

SELA is proud to introduce their new and improved Mixtures: Bigger and better, they’re now available in a larger 500ml bottle, allowing you to enjoy your favourite variant for longer. The new 500ml bottles offer the same trusted formulas but in a bigger value size.


The SELA Mixture variants include:

SELA Blood Clean Mixture

SELA Blood Clean Mixture with Cape Aloe has been specially formulated to help clean the body of toxins and purify the blood for optimal health.

Traditionally used to:

Purify the blood;

Cleanse the body;

Improve bowel movement.

SELA Bladder & Kidney Mixture

SELA Bladder & Kidney Mixture with Buchu has been specially formulated to assist bladder and kidney health.

Traditionally used to:

Cleanse bladder and kidneys;

Improve general health.

SELA High Blood Mixture

SELA High Blood Mixture with Olive Leaf has been specially formulated to support heart health.

Traditionally used to:

Reduce high blood pressure;

Improve heart health.

SELA Blood Sugar Mixture

SELA Blood Sugar Mixture with Bitter Melon has been specially formulated to offer blood sugar support.

Traditionally used to:

Maintain stable blood sugar levels;

Increase energy.

SELA Gout & Joint Mixture

SELA Joint Health Mixture with Devil’s Claw & Impepho has been specially formulated to support joint health and movement.

Traditionally used to:

Relieve body pain;

Treat sore joints;

Make moving easier.

SELA Inyongo Mixture

SELA Inyongo Mixture with Sutherlandia and Cape Aloe has been specially formulated to support digestive health.

Traditionally used to:

Improve indigestion and acid reflux;

Cleanse gall;

Relieve heartburn.

SELA Strong Man Mixture

SELA Strong Man Mixture with White’s Ginger has been specially formulated to support male sexual health.

Traditionally used to:

Enhance performance and endurance;

Improve sex drive.

SELA Immune Health Mixture

SELA Immune Health Mixture with Sutherlandia has been specially formulated to support the immune system.

Traditionally used to:

Boost immune system

SELA Mixtures are ready to consume and can be taken up to four times daily to treat existing ailments and improve general health. Follow the directions for use on pack.

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