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Where Sleekness Meets Expertise in the Heart of Southdowns. Meet Nicola Maré & Lindy Babour of WAXIT

Meet the Entrepreneurs Redefining Smoothness at WAXIT Southdowns.

If you're seeking the epitome of smoothness, chances are you've already crossed paths with WAXIT, a wax bar that has mastered the art of hair removal. Guided by their signature three-step mantra of 'Prepare, Process, and Pamper', the skilled team at WAXIT has earned a reputation for their exceptional waxing techniques. With a network of over 15 stores across Gauteng, Cape Town, and Kwa-Zulu Natal, WAXIT has established itself as the ultimate refuge of removal, an oasis of hairlessness, and a sanctuary of smooth.

At WAXIT, their dedication goes beyond mere hair removal. They are committed to providing a comprehensive experience that ensures your skin is thoroughly cleansed, nourished, and soothed, both before and after your waxing session. The WAXITologists® are not only highly skilled but also exemplify professionalism and discretion. Setting themselves apart from multi-functional salons, WAXIT offers an exclusive range of additional treatments designed specifically for waxing enthusiasts.

Michelle Royston, the visionary owner of WAXIT, proudly showcases their expertise in the realm of sleek and silky. With an unwavering focus on hair removal, WAXIT delivers exceptional waxing experiences using their own locally designed and manufactured hypoallergenic wax. "Only the best will suffice in our craft," says Michelle. Through their unwavering commitment to quality and excellence, WAXIT has created an environment where both men and women can receive expert waxing services discreetly, free from the distractions commonly found in full-service salons.

Now, let us introduce you to the dynamic entrepreneurs who have brought the WAXIT experience to the vibrant community of Southdowns. Nicola Maré, a former teacher and seasoned professional in the pharmaceutical industry, made her way into the franchise industry in 2006. With a talent for developing franchise brands and crafting comprehensive packages, Nicola has also excelled as a facilitator for franchisor and franchisee training. Serving as a Director of the Franchise Firm since 2012, Nicola now channels her expertise and passion into operating her very own WAXIT franchise.

Joining Nicola on this exhilarating journey is Lindy Babour, a graduate in marketing and management from the University of Natal. Since her entry into the franchise industry in 2001 as a franchise support consultant, Lindy has made significant contributions to the success of various franchised brands. Holding prominent positions within the Franchise Association of South Africa, she has demonstrated her commitment to the industry by serving as a Council and Exco member, as well as chairing the membership committee. Now, as a Director of the Franchise Firm, Lindy is poised to steer her own ship as a passionate Franchisee of WAXIT.

We sat down with Nicola and Lindy, and got to the core root of their entrepreneurial journey, their vision for WAXIT Southdowns, and the unwavering commitment they bring to the art of waxing. Can you tell us about your journey as women entrepreneurs in the waxing industry? We have had a very interesting journey. We had been consulting and training in the franchise sector for almost 20 years together - working with a multitude of franchisors across all industries. As female entrepreneurs we have had to time and again prove by reputation and demonstration that our development process was both sound and necessary. When we were approached by the WAXIT founder to assist with franchising the brand we were very excited to be dealing with a female-led brand that was fresh, unique and simple. The more we worked with Michelle, the more certain we were that the time had come to own one ourselves! We put our money where our mouths were so to say, but also it was time to reach out of our comfort zones and venture into something new. WAXIT is known for creating a clean and professional environment. Could you explain why cleanliness and hygiene are such important factors for your business? We provide a close and intimate service. Hygiene and cleanliness is of paramount importance to us. The Covid pandemic just highlighted this further and we strive to ensure our team and our clients are protected as far as possible. WAXIT provides a refuge for hair removal, free from the intrusions of full-service salons. What motivated you to create a specialized wax bar that focuses solely on waxing services? Michelle, the founder of WAXIT, identified the need for a salon that focused only on waxing and thus could focus on the core WAXIT values of: availability, quality, cost, hygiene and privacy. Waiting a week or two for a wax in a full service salon just wasn’t convenient. It was time for a specialist offer with WAXITologists trained in the very best waxing technique, and using the best products.

How do you ensure privacy and comfort for your clients at WAXIT Southdowns? Can you elaborate on the measures you take to create a relaxed atmosphere? We are incredibly discreet and professional. The majority of our clients book via WhatsApp and thus never have to have someone overhear what they are booking! On arrival the WAXITologists are already aware of the service that has been booked and they only confirm it once they are in the room with the client. The client is assisted in a private room with music in the background to put them at ease. With every client new disposable sheets, and disposable gloves are worn, and our WAXITologists wear masks while waxing every client. As entrepreneurs in the beauty industry, what challenges have you faced specifically as women in business, and how have you overcome them? Having many balls in the air means that it sometimes feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. We overcome this with better planning and reminders for the important tasks to avoid unnecessary penalties etc. We also deal with male dominated service providers who don’t always offer the same level of service. We overcome this with a fierce attention to detail and never stop pushing until it is done right. Sometimes, we can also be tempted to make emotional decisions rather than rational ones. Especially in the beauty industry which is notorious for ‘drama’, we have overcome this over time with an open door policy and we avoid any potential issues from festering. Running a small business in South Africa is daunting, and it is not for ‘sissies’ whether male or female. You have to learn to adapt and be flexible if you want to stay afloat in a South African business. What makes your location unique, and how do you maintain consistency with the brand while still standing out? Our WAXIT is in a safe busy lifestyle centre close to Estates and schools. This adds to the convenience of our offering. We have also worked hard to build and keep a loyal set of clients and we remain very grateful for their support. Existing clients are treated with the same enthusiasm as new ones.

What sets you apart from other waxing salons or businesses in the area and how do you maintain a competitive edge in the market? We are owner-operators and we are very much hands-on, and strive to live up to the franchising principles we have been preaching for years. We pride ourselves on our customer service and ensuring that every little detail is spot on when our clients visit. Could you share some insights into why you personally love the waxing industry and what drives your passion for providing waxing services to your clients? We love the way clients arrive – some with trepidation – but then they all bounce out feeling smooth and confident! WAXIT Southdowns opened in June 2020. Looking back, what have been the most significant milestones or achievements for your business, and what are your future goals and aspirations? We opened in the middle of a pandemic and yet still managed to build the business every month. To have recently won the award for Franchise of the Year in 2022 was the cherry on top! Your wax bar prides itself on delivering expert waxing services. Could you share some insights into the training and expertise that your WAXITologists® undergo to ensure exceptional results for your clients? WAXIT head office has invested in training resources and has recently built an entire training academy. This focuses solely on WAXIT principles and techniques. The initial as well as the ongoing training is invaluable for both the ladies in their career development and for us as franchisees.

The concept of "refuge of removal" is central to WAXIT's philosophy. How do you create a welcoming and comfortable experience for clients seeking hair removal services, and what steps do you take to minimize discomfort during the waxing process? Success is the combination of many little things done well – over and over again. The same can be said for waxing. We use expert well trained therapists who only focus on waxing. They have access to the best quality in room products. Our hypoallergenic wax is developed especially for the WAXIT brand and is designed to minimise discomfort and maximise results. We also have an amazing range of specialised home care products to make your waxing routine smooth sailing. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends, techniques, and products in the waxing industry? Do you regularly introduce new services or innovations at WAXIT Southdowns? As part of a franchise brand, head office is continually doing research and development – and at store level we are then able to focus on our clients. Lastly, why should people visit WAXIT Southdowns? We are the top performing franchise for a reason! We see over 1000 clients a month but we count our success by the number of happy returning clients and they tell you why to visit us in their Google reviews based on their own personal experiences. You can find Nicola and Lindy at Shop 33B Southdowns Shopping Centre Corner John Vorster and, Karee St, Southdowns, Centurion, 0122.

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